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Ascend's expert applications development specialists help your engineers and designers develop innovative and cost-effective nylon solutions to satisfy your design criteria.

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Ascend is focused on understanding the unique challenges in the markets, and to developing product solutions that address customer needs. We are dediucated to improvements that maximize the use of resources, ensure optimum productivity, and deliver the highest quality products and services for the lowest possible cost.

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Compounding feedstock

Ascend’s feedstock product portfolio consists of resin grades with various levels of viscosity, moisture and YI options so you can find the right product for your desired applications. The high quality of Vydyne® resin provides opportunities for reduced downtime, improved throughput and quality-related cost savings in the extrusion process.

Ascend’s unique polymerization process offers the following benefits critical to the productivity and functionality of compounding feedstock:

  • Precise molecular weight—viscosity control
  • Optimized balance of end groups to enable mixing and flow
  • Low yellowness index for natural-color products
  • Uniform distribution of size and shape of pellets
    (1.5 gr/100 pellets) to promote consistent feeding, melting and creation of a homogeneous final product
  • Low black speck (< 1 mm) count (≤ 5 ppm)

All Vydyne PA66 feedstock grades are compliant with EU and FDA food regulations. Please refer to individual product datasheets for specific compliance information.

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Ascend exhibiting Vydyne® PA66 E&E, industrial applications at Chinaplas 2017

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