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Electrical & Electronic

Electrical & Electronic

Moving electricity safely and reliably, whether to power a manufacturing robot or the circuitry behind a smart home device, comes down to the quality and performance of the materials used. From large-scale electrical to miniature electronic applications, Vydyne® PA66 performs better at keeping circuits operating reliably and safely under a variety of conditions.

With its unique mix of properties, including best-in-class electrical insulation and flame retardancy that meets the highest international standards, Vydyne PA66 is the ideal material for applications in new energy, consumer technology, e-mobility, residential and commercial.


New energy

Solar panels, wind turbines and large-scale power storage spend decades outside producing, discharging and storing energy. Components, like connectors and brackets, need to withstand the demands of day-to-day operation as well as possible power surges and extreme weather. UV resistant, impact-modified and electrically neutral Vydyne PA66 ensures new energy infrastructure performs reliably for the long term.

Consumer technology

From washing machines to light bulbs to cameras, devices are gaining smart features and smaller footprints. Vydyne PA66 makes this possible by offering excellent electrical and safety performance down to 0.2 mm thickness.


The high-voltage necessary to run hybrid and electric vehicles takes its toll on connectors and switches, often causing corrosion. With several grades tested against the highest electrical requirements, Vydyne PA66 is ideal for high-voltage applications. Ascend offers a broad portfolio of engineered plastics helping make EVs safer and go farther.

Residential and commercial

Higher population density and a proliferation of electronic devices is putting higher demands on residential and commercial electrical systems. Safe power management and systems to prevent critical failure rely on Vydyne PA66 to perform to the highest standard.