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Ascend ensures the highest level of quality in all our products. The overall consistency in quality and reliable customer service make Ascend easy to work with by delivering the right product at the right time.


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Acrylonitrile (AN)

Ascend Performance Materials operates the largest acrylonitrile production plant in the world at our Chocolate Bayou facility near Alvin, Texas.

Adipic Acid (AA)

Ascend's adipic acid facility, located in Pensacola, Florida, is the largest in the world. Ascend provides high-purity adipic acid in several grades, including food grade.

Adiponitrile (ADN)

Ascend produces adiponitrile in a world-scale facility in Decatur, Alabama. Ascend ships ADN in a variety of package sizes, including rail cars, tank trucks, ISO containers and bulk ships via our established, efficient global distribution network.

Hexamethylene Diamine (HMD)

Ascend, one of the world's leading producers of hexamethylene diamine for decades, produces HMD in two world-scale facilities in Pensacola, Florida, and Decatur, Alabama.

Compounding Feedstock

Feedstock grades are formulated to balance integration of additives with final flow characteristics and mechanical properties

Extrusion Grade

Vydyne higher-molecular weight polyamide 66 resins are designed for improved melt strength, abrasion resistance, and toughness

Fiber Spinning

Practically every type of nylon 66 fiber spinning process today is using one of Ascend's products

General Purpose Injection Molding

These non-reinforced PA66 resins are designed for injection molding applications requiring fundamental engineering properties

Carpet Fiber

Ultron nylon 6,6 carpet fiber is Ascend's preferred premium branded fiber.

Industrial Fiber

Ascend has been a global supplier of nylon 6,6 to the tire and industrial products industries for almost 30 years.

Technical Fiber

Ascend provides nylon 6,6 for many of today's airbag fiber spinning companies, including Ascend's own airbag fiber production facility in South Carolina.

Flame Retardant

These flame-resistant polyamide 66/6 co-polymer resins were designed for VO flame resistance and improved electrical insulating properties.

Glass Reinforced

Our glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide 66 and 66/6 co-polymer resins are designed for additional structural strength, rigidity, and hydrolysis resistance, especially at elevated temperatures.

Impact Modified

Vydyne impact-modified polyamide 66 resins are designed for additional toughness and impact resistance in rrom and low-temperature environments.

Mineral Filled

Our mineral filled polyamide 66/6 co-polymer resins are designed to provide both additional dimensional stability and stiffness at elevated temperatures.

FlexaTrac™ – Acids & Esters

Ascend's FlexaTrac™ line includes a wide range of specialty acids, esters and formulated products for a variety of different applications.

FlexaTram™ – Amines

Ascend's FlexaTram™ product line features a range of specialty aliphatic and cycloaliphatic amines and specially formulated mixed amines.

FlexaTril™ – Nitriles

FlexaTril™ nitriles can undergo a variety of reactions such as amination and acid/base hydrolysis and can be further derivatized into other useful products and product mixtures.

Signature Brands

Ascend's signature brands represent our innovative and growing family of specialty and formulated products with patent-pending technologies to enhance functional performance in a wide range of market segments and applications.