Electrical & Electronic

Vydyne polyamide 66 (PA66) is one of the most cost-effective engineering thermoplastics available to you and your designers.

Electrical & Electronic

You can use Vydyne with confidence in your electrical and electronic applications, including connectors, relays, switches, plugs, housings, cables, buttons and knobs, input/output ports, insulators, face plates, transformers, terminal blocks, and coil bobbins.

Ascend's expert applications development specialists help your engineers and designers develop innovative and cost-effective nylon solutions to satisfy your design criteria.

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Safer, high-performing PA66 resin for unattended appliances FR350J

Ascend’s Vydyne FR350J is an unreinforced, flame-retardant PA66 resin designed for unattended appliance electrical connectors. FR350J exhibits best-in-class glow wire ignition temperatures (GWIT) of 960°C at all thicknesses (0.4-3.0 mm) according to UL testing via IEC 60695-2-13. Finished molded parts were tested according to the unattended appliance standard IEC 60335-1 and achieved passing GWIT values of 750°C at all thicknesses. In addition to high GWIT values, Vydyne FR350J is engineered with high elongation and ductility to allow engineers greater design freedom with final molded part geometries. FR350J resin has superior melt flow, reduced mold pressure and reduced cycle time – increasing your production yields while reducing costs.

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Highlighted applications
Battery seals

A battery seal is a device that tightly seals a battery to prevent the loss of electrolytes. The plastic gasket is sealed to the cell by means of radial crimping pressure or by impact. A vent mechanism is incorporated into the gasket to release pressure and protect against cell rupture and damage in the event of misuse under abusive conditions. The vent is designed to relieve excessive gas pressure that may be generated by prolonged short-circuiting, improper disposal during a fire, charging and/or incorrect insertion in devices.

Battery seals must possess excellent chemical resistance and maintain dimensional stability throughout their design life.

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Terminal blocks

As demand for terminal blocks increases, so does the need for innovative and durable designs. Flame retardation, glow-wire acceptability, miniaturization, and low cost are all essentials for these 
commonly used parts.

Vydyne products expand your manufacturing possibilities so you can push application limits. Vydyne quality can also lower your costs by reducing cycle times and injection molding reject rates. 

For smaller components, superior flow makes it possible to mold thinner wall sections without losing strength and toughness. For halogen-free electronic applications, ECO-315 meets the challenge without sacrificing processability.

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An electrical connector is an electro-mechanical device for joining electrical circuits as an interface using a mechanical assembly. Connectors consist of plugs (male-ended) and jacks (female-ended). The connection may be temporary, as for portable equipment, require a tool for assembly and removal, or serve as a permanent electrical joint between two wires or devices. Connectors made out of PA66 are excellent electrical insulators, resist fire hazard, and are durable enough to withstand stresses associated with mechanical assembly.

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Wall plates

A wall plate is a cover designed to enclose a box containing plug receptacles, switches, GFCI and more. It is designed to mount against the wall and cover the edges of the opening that contains the electrical box. The cover is attached directly to the wiring device and provides protection to the user from coming into contact with live electrical components.

A receptacle is a device designed to receive a plug and complete an electrical connection. The receptacle holds the contacts in place and provides electrical insulation to ground and the user. It is typically contained within a receptacle box and is covered with a wall plate.

Wall plates and receptacles are required to possess good insulating properties, be resistant to household chemicals and UV light and have a pleasing appearance.

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Cable glands

A cable gland is a device for connecting a cable to a piece of equipment. The gland holds the connecting cable and provides a strain-relief mechanism to prevent damage. The gland is used as a sealing and/or termination device to ensure the device’s enclosure maintains integrity. The cable gland may also be used to make connections through a wall, bulkhead or gland plate.

Cable glands must resist mechanical forces during assembly and in operation and maintain dimensions throughout their design life.

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Solar photovoltaic

Vydyne is used in solar photovoltaic applications, in parts such as connectors and wire lock-nuts. These parts must possess good dimensional stability, withstand assembly and operational stresses and resist UV and flame. Vydyne offers environmentally friendly flame-retardant solutions for these applications.

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Lighting parts

The lighting industry around the world is transforming itself with increasing focus on energy efficiency and intelligent controls. As of 2012, the Energy Independence and Security Act requires all light bulbs sold in the U.S. to reduce energy consumption by at least 25 percent. The regulatory changes have prompted manufacturers to respond with modern component design upgrades using materials that comply with the new performance and sustainability standards.

PA66 is used in electrical lighting components such as connectors and bobbins. Connectors, as their name implies, link a lighting fixture to the rest of electrical circuit. Connectors are required to have excellent strength, fatigue toughness, retain key physical and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures (RTI), and be fire-safe during their functional life. Vydyne 21SPF with its excellent balance of properties has been successfully deployed within this application.

Coil bobbins are permanent containers for the wire windings, acting to form the shape of the coil. They serve as passive electrical components in inductors, chokes, transformers and relays. Coil bobbins must possess high strength, electrical resistance (insulation), thermal resistance (RTI) and chemical resistance. Vydyne R533H, a glass-reinforced PA66, has been found useful in bobbin applications due to its superior strength retention at elevated temperatures typically associated with high-intensity LED and fluorescent bulbs.

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