Pensacola alerts

Sirens: What they mean for the community

Ascend Performance Materials' Pensacola plant uses the siren system as a way to notify the community to take action during emergency situations. We also test the system periodically.

The sounds vary depending upon the actions required. Please listen to the videos below to familiarze yourself with our alert system.

Test alert

We sound this alert to test the system. Testing occurs at noon on the first Sunday of each month.

Shelter-in-place alert

When you hear this sound, please go indoors and stay indoors until you receive the all-clear alert.

Evacuation alert

When this alarm sounds, please go indoors and prepare to evacuate the area. Evacuation instructions will come from Escambia County's Division of Emergency Management via Alert Escambia.

All-clear alert

When we sound this alert, you're clear to return to your normal activities.

Alert Escambia

The best way to stay informed about emergency situations is to sign up for Alert Escambia to receive notifications from by text, phone or email from Escambia County Emergency Management.

More information: BeReady Escambia

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