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Ascend is focused on understanding the unique challenges in the markets, and to developing product solutions that address customer needs. We are dediucated to improvements that maximize the use of resources, ensure optimum productivity, and deliver the highest quality products and services for the lowest possible cost.

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Propionitrile (PN)

Ascend is a leading producer of propionitrile (PN). Propionitrile can be used as an intermediate for the manufacture of amines, acids, amides and ketones and as a reaction or crystallization solvent. Ascend is uniquely positioned as a large-scale producer and global distributor of PN.

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Acrylonitrile (AN)

Ascend operates the largest acrylonitrile production plant in the world at our Chocolate Bayou facility near Alvin, Texas. In addition to worldwide delivery capabilities via barge and ship, Ascend added new capability in 2015 for loading and delivery of acrylonitrile by railcar, tanker truck and ISO container throughout North America.

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Triaminononane (TAN)

Triaminononane (TAN) is a low molecular weight specialty performance material with three amine groups of equivalent activity.

(4–aminomethyl – 1,8 – octanediamine) Trifunctional amine with low molecular weight.

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Adipic Acid (AA)

Ascend provides high purity Adipic Acid (AA) in a variety of package sizes.

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