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Cable glands

A cable gland is a device for connecting a cable to a piece of equipment. The gland holds the connecting cable and provides a strain-relief mechanism to prevent damage. The gland is used as a sealing and/or termination device to ensure the device’s enclosure maintains integrity. The cable gland may also be used to make connections through a wall, bulkhead or gland plate.

Cable glands must resist mechanical forces during assembly and in operation and maintain dimensions throughout their design life.

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Vydyne® 22HSP

Vydyne® 22HSP is a heat stabilized molding grade Nylon 66 resin available in natural color and black. It is lubricated for improved machine feed and mold release and is intended for use in applications requiring fast molding cycles and outstanding mold release performance. The stabilization package has been formulated to provide improved retention of physical and electrical properties, compared to non-heat stabilized grades during long term exposure to high temperatures.

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Vydyne® 21SPC

Vydyne® 21SPC is a general purpose Nylon 66 resin available in natural color. It is designed principally for injection molding fabrication. This resin offers a well balanced combination of engineering properties characterized by high strength, rigidity, good toughness, high melt point, good surface lubricity, abrasion resistance, and resistance to many chemicals, solvents, gasoline, and machine and motor oils.

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