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The fuel filler door demands a unique balance of properties. The key requirement is that it must have a good appearance with no warpage. Since it is treated through a high temperature paint baking process, it demands the ability to handle high temperatures. Because this is a functional part, it requires stiffness to overcome the closure spring and maintain its shape. 

Ascend’s Vydyne R228 is ideal for this application because of its superior balance of properties. These properties allow for a part to be designed to meet the demanding painting and bake environment and still have an outstanding appearance. The Ascend automotive team employed years of automotive experience to create optimal parts for Ford,® General Motors® and Chrysler.® 

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Vydyne® R228

Vydyne® R220 is a 40% mineral reinforced Nylon 66 resin formulated for improved impact strength. Also available in black as R228. It is an injection molding grade formulated to retain the inherent processing advantages of unreinforced Nylon 66 while enhancing rigidity, strength, and heat resistance. Vydyne® R220/R228 maintains the chemical resistance typical of nylon to a wide variety of chemicals, gasoline, oils, greases, and solvents.

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