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In the automotive industry, you need PA66 products that perform to a higher  standard. Vydyne® resins and compounds help you get the most out of every part you produce. For under-the-hood applications, Vydyne products deliver superior chemical and heat resistance. For exterior and interior components, Vydyne offers versatile, reliable and customizable resins. Our quality and consistency make the difference in your production efficiency

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Vydyne® R860 BK02

Vydyne® R860 BK02 is a general-purpose, 38% glass-fiber and mineral-reinforced nylon 66 resin.

Our mineral-filled polyamide 66 resins are designed to provide both additional dimensional stability and stiffness at elevated temperatures.

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Vydyne® R533H

The Vydyne® R533 Series of 33% glass fiber reinforced nylons are available in natural, black and heat stabilized versions. They are general purpose, injection molding grades which are lubricated for good machine feed, flow and mold release.

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Vydyne® R530H

Vydyne® R530H Nylon resins are general purpose polyamide, heat stabilized, hydrolysis resistant, 30% glass fiber reinforced resins. Available in natural and black. It is specifically designed to maximize the retention of physical properties when exposed to anti-freeze solutions at elevated temperatures. This product is also lubricated for improved machine feed and flow.

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