Case studies

We take ownership of your problems – our innovative and analytical nature means we stop at nothing until we have the right solution to your problem.

Our first principles approach to exactly what we do and how we do it, provides reassurance to our teams and customers alike, particularly with regard to people management, quality control, supply chain management and intelligent innovation.

Below are a selection of case studies and whitepapers that demonstrate how we inspire our people, processes and products every day.

Polyamides for Connector Manufacturers

Ascend’s new Vydyne compounds offer customers class-leading consistency, cleanliness and performance. Customers can experience improvements in dimensional stability and consistency in part weight, as well as longer, uninterrupted production runs.

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Pensacola Compound

New polyamides substantially reduce plate-out and boost design options for connector manufacturers.

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Ascend Performance Materials announces price increases for fibers

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