Polymer Analytical Laboratory

Ascend's Textile and Carpet Team offers analytical lab support and collaborative forecasting capabilities.

Along with providing the physical properties of the Nylon 6,6 fibers that we produce, such as denier, tenacity, elongation, shrinkage, and entanglement count, Ascend's Textile and Carpet Team can offer the following types of analysis for nylon fibers and fabrics:

  1. Moisture Analysis
  2. Viscosity Analysis—Relative & Intrinsic
  3. Elemental Analysis
    X-Ray: Br, Cu, I, Mg, Mn, P, K, Si, S, TiO2
    ICAP: Al, Ca, Cr, Fe, Li, Ni, Zn
  4. Internal & External Lubricant Analysis
  5. Physical Dye Level Reading using Circular Knitted Fabric of 420-to-2,520 denier fibers
  6. Dye Sites Analysis

In addition, Ascend's Textile and Carpet Team can provide a more detailed investigation of the item with the following types of analysis:

  1. Polymer Analysis
    Thermal Analysis
    Surface Analysis
  2. Chromatography
    Size Exclusion
    Gel Permeation
  3. Spectroscopy—Atomic & Molecular

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