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Engineer Development Process

How to become the best engineer you can be...

Gain immediate real-world experience and begin developing leadership qualities from the start. In addition to our structured New Hire Enrollment, our development program has six main components.

  1. The Experience Tours provide hands on field experience as it directly relates to Ascend processes and production. This time helps foster relationships with process operators.
  2. Engineering 101 Modules deliver industry application information, along with tips, tools and additional resources needed for success. Classes are led by Fellows and Subject Matter Experts.
  3. Quarterly Presentations are designed to demonstrate mastery of target subject areas, projects and results during the first three years. Progression of presentation aptitude and unit knowledge should be visible.
  4. The Skills Assessment Tool identifies skill level in process operations, troubleshooting, optimization, process design, general engineering, process safety, and behavioral traits. The results help build training and development plans.
  5. The Process Training Templates contain information compiled to quickly and consistently onboard new engineers. Information includes process overviews, theory of operations, Environmental Site Safety and Health topics, and market and cost overviews.
  6. The Mentoring Networks utilize a team approach that allows new engineers to tailor the training and support to what they need. The mentoring program incorporates collaboration and networking that will effectively promote engineer development and information sharing.