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FlexaTram™-DAM is a unique blend of cycloaliphatic and  primary amines (C6 and heavier). Primary components are diaminocyclohexane (DCH) and hexamethylenediamine (HMD) as well as other multi-functional amines. CAS 124-09-4, 694-83-7.

Key attributes

  • Multifunctional
  • Low viscosity
  • Economical compared to other amine alternatives
  • High amine value
  • Cycloaliphatic amines content for enhanced performance

Oil and gas industry applications

Corrosion inhibitor

FlexaTram-DAM can be used in oil well drilling, completion, production and water flood systems.

  • VPCI and FFCI based on FlexaTram-DAM are commonly used in oil production as oil-soluble filming inhibitors. FlexaTram-DAM is dispersible in light brines and fresh water. The product is effective against (H2S, CO2) organic acids and small amounts of oxygen.
  • FlexaTram-DAM is normally formulated with other additives such as nonionic surfactants and alcohols.

Clay stabilizers and drilling mud

FlexaTram-DAM can be used as shale hydration inhibitors and clay stabilizers in water-based drilling fluids and fracking fluids. FlexaTram-DAM is modified to form quaternary ammonium salt, which is then used to improve the inhibitive properties and high temperature resistance of shale inhibitors.

  • FlexaTram-DAM exhibits superior water inhibitive properties when compared to other products such as KCI and choline chloride. Unlike other amines, the cycloaliphatic amine content FlexaTram-DAM can provide high temperature resistance.
  • FlexaTram-DAM’s hydrophobic and chemical nature intercalate into clay at a drilling site. The product is especially effective in montmorillonite clay (bentonite and smectite) with monolayer orientation.
  • The quaternary ions in FlexaTram-DAM neutralize the negatively charged clay surface after absorption while the chemical’s hydrophobic properties prevent ingress of water.

Epoxy coatings applications

FlexaTram-DAM is used as epoxy curing agent for composites and civil engineering applications such as flooring and paving to provide high chemical and temperature resistance with superior mechanical performance. Composite applications include processes such as filament winding, infusion, RTM and hand lay-up.

Water treatment applications

FlexaTram-DAM can be used as a chelating agent in several applications:

  • Oilfield — iron chelation
  • Oilfield — acid gas absorption
  • Textiles — dye treatment
  • Water treatment — boiler water additive
  • Metal working fluids — ferrous chelation for corrosion protection
  • Detergents — drying cleaning applications

Emulsions applications

FlexaTram-DAM is used to produce wide range of ethoxylated amines and ethoxylated fatty amines with various amounts of ethylene oxide. These amines are used for emulsification, surface tension, solubility and cationic strength characteristics in oil and gas and most industrial and institutional cleaning applications.

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Name Properties Download
FlexaTram-DAM-120 Formulated amine mixture for use in drilling, stimulation, production and other applications within the oil and gas industry
FlexaTram-DAM-700 Formulated amine mixture with high hexamethylene diamine content for use in adhesives, emulsifiers and upstream oil and gas applications

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NTA "greener option" compared to EDTA, says Chemical Week

NTA "greener option" compared to EDTA, says Chemical Week