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FlexaTram®-BHM(C12,H29,N3) is a set of specially formulated grades of bis(hexamethylene)triamine (BHMT) with uses in oil and gas, asphalt, paper, coatings, and mining industries CAS 68411-90-5.

Key attributes

  • Multifunctional amine
  • Available liquid and solid
  • High amine value
  • Low vapor pressure

Oil and gas industry applications

FlexaTram-BHM is used as a raw material to produce scale inhibitors and clay stabilizers and water clarifiers. It is used to produce a wide range of ethoxylated amines and ethoxylated fatty amines with various amounts of ethylene oxide. These amines are used for emulsification, surface tension, solubility and cationic strength characteristics in oil and gas and most industrial and institutional cleaning applications.

Asphalt industry applications

Anti-strip additive (ASA)

FlexTram-BHM reduces surface tension, causing increased adhesion of the binder to the aggregate. Specially formulated liquid grades can be metered or pumped using a gear or displacement pump.

Dosage: Between 0.25 to 1.5 percent by weight of the binder; in most cases 0.5 percent is sufficient.

Bitumen emulsifiers

FlexaTram-BHM is used to produce stable dispersion of bitumen in water. In this application, Flexa-Tram-BHM is used as a cationic emulsifier in rapid-, medium- and slow-setting emulsions and also as an adhesion promoter in anionic bituminous emulsions.

Dosage: Between 0.25 to 1.0 percent by weight of the binder.

Paper industry applications

FlexaTram-BHM is used to produce wet-strength resins for the paper industry to enhance the mechanical strength of paper after the paper is soaked in water. FlexaTram-BHM is reacted with bifunctional carboxylic acids to produce linear or cross-linked polyamidoamine.

Coatings industry applications

FlexaTram-BHM is used in epoxy curing and adhesive applications.

Mining industry applications

FlexaTram-BHM acts as an ore flotation cationic collector in the mining industry. FlexaTram-BHM is used for the flotation of silica (quartz) from iron ores and phosphate ores in the processing of low-grade hematite and magnetite ores. Typical FlexaTram-BHM collector levels are used in the range of 0.25 to 0.50 pounds per ton (lb/t).

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Name Properties Download
FlexaTram-BHM-120 Formulated amine mixture offering enhanced performance for the asphalt and oil and gas industries
FlexaTram-BHM-150 Formulated amines with low metal content for use in oil and gas applications
FlexaTram-BHM-170 Formulated amine with ultra-low metal content and an improved color profile for several oil and gas applications, including use as a corrosion inhibitor and an absorbent
FlexaTram-BHM-500 Proprietary liquid formulated amine blend for asphalt and coatings and adhesives industry applications

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NTA "greener option" compared to EDTA, says Chemical Week

NTA "greener option" compared to EDTA, says Chemical Week