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FlexaTram™ – Amines

Ascend's FlexaTram™ product line features a range of specialty aliphatic and cycloaliphatic amines and specially formulated mixed amines.

Featured products

FlexaTram®-BHM(C12,H29,N3) is a set of specially formulated grades of bis(hexamethylene)triamine (BHMT) with uses in oil and gas, asphalt, paper, coatings, and mining industries CAS 68411-90-5.

FlexaTram™-DAM is a unique blend of cycloaliphatic and primary amines (C6 and heavier). Primary components are diaminocyclohexane (DCH) and hexamethylenediamine (HMD) as well as other multi-functional amines.

FlexaTram-HMT-100 and FlexaTram-HMT-200, hexamethylenetetramine, are used to synthesize chemical compounds such as resins, plastics, personal care and rubber additives.

Hexatran™ (TAN-Triaminononane) is a unique trifunctional primary amine molecule and is available in a wide range of grades.

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NTA "greener option" compared to EDTA, says Chemical Week

NTA "greener option" compared to EDTA, says Chemical Week