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The fiber spinning industry served by Ascend products includes the producers of fine and micro denier fibers for apparel, heavy denier fibers for tires and other industrial products, high-tech fibers for automotive airbags and parachutes, producers of carpet, tow and staple fibers and a wide range of monofilament fiber makers. Nylon 6,6 offers a high melting temperature, superior dimensional stability (lower creep) and abrasion resistance, which enables it to be the preferential fiber for tire cord fabric and airbag applications. In apparel textile fiber applications, nylon 6,6 offers smooth touch combined with superior color fastness, excellent stretch recovery, abrasion resistance and easy laundering.

Featured products

Our NIF product portfolio offers fibers for airbag fabric in the denier range of 420 to 840, including 3 and 6 dpf products, with tenacities from 9.0 to 9.5 gpd. Our tire cord fibers portfolio offers deniers in the range from 840 to 2520, with tenacities up to 10.5 gpd.

ENDUR by Ascend® delivers permanent functionality to your fabric blends.

No-Shock® anti-static fiber from Ascend Performance Materials is an economical, permanent anti-static solution for all fabrics.

Ascend's premium branded nylon 6,6 fiber — the ultimate in color and certified performance.

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Clean fiber technology

ENDUR by Ascend™ isn't a garment treatment or a coating. It's a fiber, delivering permanent functionality to your fabric blends.

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