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SDI Adds Acteev Protect™ Masks to Portfolio of PPE As-a-Service

The digital supply chain solutions provider adds the masks with antimicrobial protection to its worry-free materials management program 

SDI, a leader in digital supply chain services and solutions, has added a new line of antimicrobial protective gear to its PPE As-a-ServiceSM offering. Acteev Protect™ products are targeted toward educators, retail employees, manufacturing workers and others who need a face covering that stays comfortable and maintains freshness when worn for the duration of a shift. 

The Acteev Protect line includes face coverings that meet the new ASTM International standards for masks. SDI selected Acteev Protect because of this combination of performance and wearability, said Jim Owens, SVP at SDI. “Ensuring customers have access to PPE is essential. Teachers, retailers and production line workers -- who work in close proximity or in public-facing positions -- deserve masks that are comfortable and breathable,” Owens said. “With antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to keep them clean, Acteev Protect face coverings give wearers extra confidence and peace of mind that their masks will last and stay fresh.” 

Acteev™ is a patent-pending technology that embeds zinc ions in a polymer to create long-lasting antimicrobial properties. Products made with Acteev are protected from odor-causing bacteria and fungi and are abrasion-resistant, soft and durable. Because the zinc ions are embedded during the polymerization process, articles made with Acteev retain their antimicrobial efficacy for the life of the product. 

Acteev Protect’s reusability is a sought-out feature by those concerned with sustainability, according to Dr. Lu Zhang, Ascend’s VP of Acteev. “More than 94 million masks are sent to landfills each week,” Zhang said. “Acteev’s zinc ion technology makes our masks self-cleaning and reusable. And if they get dusty or soiled, then can be washed.” 

Darayus Pardivala, the president of the Americas division of Sulzer Rotating Equipment Services, purchased the masks for employees at all 32 of the company’s locations in North and South America. “They’re much easier to breathe through compared to what we had in the past, there’s an added level of protection [for the masks] and our employees are much more comfortable,” Pardivala said. “The pushback we had in the past about wearing masks is completely gone.” 

For more information on this product line in the PPE As-a-Service supply chain solution, contact Jim Owens at