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Ascend to feature performance-improving solutions at Specialty & Agro Chemicals America 2017

Ascend Performance Materials, a global leader in the production of specialty plastics, fibers and chemicals, will feature a number of specialty chemicals designed to improve the performance, cost and environmental impact of oil and gas, agricultural, and paints and coatings applications at the Specialty & Agro Chemicals conference this week.

Among Ascend’s specialty chemicals products, the company will be showcasing the following:

  • Hexatran, a unique trifunctional amine with both ionic and nonionic emulsification properties, can be used to produce a semi-permanent clay stabilizer with better performance than current clay stabilizers. Hexatran can also be used to inhibit scale formation and sweeten gas.
  • FlexaTram-DAM-950, a high-purity 1,2-diaminocyclohexane (DACH), can be used in several oil and gas applications and as an epoxy curing agent for composites, coatings and adhesives. Ascend is one of only a ffew suppliers of high-purity DACH.
  • FlexaTrac™-PCM, an inexpensive blend cosolvent, is designed to improve the environmental profile of most common BTX solvents. FlexaTrac-PCM reduces the cost and environmental impact of a number of solvents used in agriculture, oil and gas, and paints and coatings.

“Our solutions are designed to meet needs in the market and enhance the products they help create,” said Jamie Haseltine, a specialty chemicals product manager at Ascend. “Specialty & Agro Chemicals brings together leaders in this market, and we are proud to introduce to them our growing portfolio of formulations.”

Ascend will be at Specialty & Agro Chemicals America in Charleston, South Carolina, from September 6 – 8, at booth 511.

Ascend’s specialty chemicals division manufactures FlexaTrac acids and esters, FlexaTram amines and FlexaTril™ nitriles. The company also offers several signature products, including Hexatran, Hextranol™, Prionil™ and Trinohex™.

To learn more about Ascend’s growing line of specialty chemicals, visit or visit the company’s booths at these upcoming trade shows: Specialty & Agro Chemicals America (September 6 – 8), ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America (September 11 – 14) and Coatings Trends & Technologies (September 14 – 15).