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Ascend introduces new grades of specialty amines

Ascend Performance Materials, a global leader in the production of specialty plastics, fibers and chemicals, announced today the addition of several new grades to its specialty amines portfolio. The new grades offer enhanced performance in a number of oil and gas, coatings and asphalt applications.

“These new grades show our commitment to produce high-quality products to meet customer need,” said Maria Field, Ascend’s product manager for amines. “We are focused on providing the right solutions to our customers and filling critical needs in the market.”

Ascend’s new grades of specialty amines include the following:

  • FlexaTram™-BHM-170, a product based on (bis)hexamethylenetriamine (BHMT), features ultra-low metal content and an improved color profile for enhanced performance in several oil and gas chemistries, including use in scale inhibition, corrosion inhibition and water clarifying.
  • FlexaTram™-BHM-220, a formulated liquid BHMT product with improved handling, odor, health and safety profiles, is designed for use in asphalt anti-strip applications.
  • FlexaTram™-DAM-200, a 1,2 -diaminocyclohexane (DCH) product, features improved chemical and mechanical resistance when used in epoxy coatings and composites applications.
  • Hexatran™-300, a multifunctional product based on triaminononane, provides a cost-effective solution for use in coatings, adhesives, oil and gas, and asphalt applications. 

Other products under development include high-purity BHMT material for multiple end-use applications and high-purity DCH material as an epoxy curing agent.

Ascend’s specialty chemicals division manufactures FlexaTrac™ acids and esters, FlexaTram™ amines and FlexaTril™ nitriles. The company also offers several signature products, including Hexatran™, Hextranol™, Prionil™ and Trinohex™.

To learn more about Ascend’s growing line of specialty chemicals, visit or visit the company’s booths at these upcoming trade shows:

  • Specialty & Agro Chemicals America — September 6 – 8.
  • ISSA Interclean North America — September 11 – 14.
  • Coatings Trends & Technologies — September 14 – 15.