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Aegle Launches Pre-sales of N95s with Ascend’s Acteev® Antimicrobial Technology

Aegle, a high-quality American-made PPE manufacturer and health-tech company, said on Tuesday it had launched pre-sales of its first NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)-certified N95 respirator made with Acteev Protect™, the patented antimicrobial material made by Ascend Performance Materials. Award-winning Acteev is embedded with active zinc ions that quickly and safely destroy bacteria and microbes that cause degradation, mildew and odor in masks and other articles.

The respirators will be on display at the 2021 NSC Safety Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida, October 8-14. Aegle and Acteev experts will be available in booth 2048 to discuss the technologies.

Aegle uses proprietary authentication and traceability technology to prevent counterfeiting, guarantee testing performance, and ensure supply-chain security. Every box has an embedded NFC (near field communication) providing consumers with peace of mind.

"The most recent peaks of Covid due to the Delta variant show that masking will likely be a feature of our lives for the foreseeable future. The safest way to protect ourselves and our families is with American-made NIOSH N95 respirators – the gold standard for protection. With the abundance of counterfeit masks on the market, it's smart to rely on the technological advantages built into each Aegle mask. We are thrilled to work with Acteev to help keep Americans safe," says Andy Moy, Partner at Aegle.

Aegle's N95 mask is designed for safety and comfort. The ultra-lightweight materials deliver exceptional fit and breathability. Each Aegle N95 mask is designed to effectively secure mask placement, minimize mask movement, and deliver maximum visibility, helping to reduce inhalation exposure to airborne biological particles. They are also protective against smoke particles, such as are common in environments with wildfires.

"With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warning that 60% of imported KN95 masks are fake or counterfeit, it is important to purchase N95 respirators that are certified by NIOSH. We are delighted to partner with an American company dedicated to high quality and security," says Lu Zhang, Ph.D., Vice President of Acteev.

Aegle makes 100% of its masks in Brookshire, Texas, with United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) members who are paid a living wage.

To reserve your masks, which will begin shipping mid-October, go to .

For information on Acteev, see