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Acteev Expands Brand With Launches of Acteev TOUGH, Acteev FREE and Acteev BIOSERVE

High-tenacity, anti-static and plant-based options join successful anti-odor and medical offerings

Award-winning textile technology Acteev® is growing beyond its anti-odor roots, parent company Ascend Performance Materials announced today.

Acteev has grown into a collection of long-lasting solutions for textile and soft goods applications. A new high-tenacity nylon, an anti-static fiber and a certified bio-based nylon have joined the successful odor-fighting offering.

Acteev’s flagship anti-odor line is now labeled Acteev FREE. It allows the creation of athleisure, outdoor wear, intimates and more with fabrics that combat odor. Acteev FREE can be combined with other fibers to create custom blends, and it allows for dyeing without limitations.

Acteev TOUGH is a high-tenacity, low-DPF nylon 6,6 staple fiber designed for rugged applications such as workwear, footwear, backpacks, straps and climbing ropes. It is fit for everything from industrial coveralls to military and law enforcement tactical gear. As a staple fiber, it is suitable for intimate blends and integrates well with cotton and wool for looks requiring uniform dyeing.

Acteev CLEAN is a fiber with anti-static properties that repel hair, dust and lint on textiles for clothing and household goods such as upholstery. Acteev CLEAN’s functionality is embedded within the fiber itself and requires no finishes or chemical treatments, making it ideal for next-to-skin applications. Effective at low loading, it can be spun into yarns with other fibers and still provide static-free performance.

Acteev BIOSERVE is a nylon derived from plant sources aimed at helping brands achieve their sustainability goals without sacrificing performance.  

Finally, Acteev MED is available, with form factors including fibers for next-to-skin applications such as compression garments, nonwovens for moisture management in wound care, and filaments for sutures.

Each member of the Acteev line is available in a low-carbon offering.

The Acteev team will debut the new line at four upcoming trade shows: Performance Days in Munich, Germany, from October 4-5; Functional Textiles Shanghai from October 16-17; the Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show from October 17-19; and Functional Fabric Fair, which runs November 1-2 in Portland, Oregon.

The brand’s various offerings can be combined to create unique solutions, said Nikki Huffman, global business development director for Acteev.

“Our textile scientists can work directly with brands to create a material that solves their customers’ biggest challenges,” Huffman said. “For example, a maker of athleisure might want a no-odor garment that can go from gym to street while also repelling pet hair at home. We can combine our technologies to deliver that, and even make it plant-based and low-carbon.”

Proud recipient of two ISPO Textrends Top 10 Awards and the Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award, Acteev is working with high-fashion designers, entertainment personalities and professional athletic brands to bring innovative, sustainable visions to life. Currently, major brand partner collections include sustainable, high-performing tennis, yoga and golf athletic wear from InPhorm; odor-free socks created by puberty-positive, Gen-Z-favorite OOMLA; odor-free and UV-resistant Suray sun shirt by Coalatree and more.

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