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Lighting parts

Lighting parts

The lighting industry around the world is transforming itself with increasing focus on energy efficiency and intelligent controls. As of 2012, the Energy Independence and Security Act requires all light bulbs sold in the U.S. to reduce energy consumption by at least 25 percent. The regulatory changes have prompted manufacturers to respond with modern component design upgrades using materials that comply with the new performance and sustainability standards.

PA66 is used in electrical lighting components such as connectors and bobbins. Connectors, as their name implies, link a lighting fixture to the rest of electrical circuit. Connectors are required to have excellent strength, fatigue toughness, retain key physical and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures (RTI), and be fire-safe during their functional life. Vydyne 21SPF with its excellent balance of properties has been successfully deployed within this application.

Coil bobbins are permanent containers for the wire windings, acting to form the shape of the coil. They serve as passive electrical components in inductors, chokes, transformers and relays. Coil bobbins must possess high strength, electrical resistance (insulation), thermal resistance (RTI) and chemical resistance. Vydyne R533H, a glass-reinforced PA66, has been found useful in bobbin applications due to its superior strength retention at elevated temperatures typically associated with high-intensity LED and fluorescent bulbs.

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