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Body stiffeners and crash inserts

Made of steel or aluminum, the body in white (BIW) structure accounts for nearly half the total weight of a vehicle. Reducing the mass of that steel or aluminum via downgauging is a major opportunity to reduce overall vehicle weight. But simply downgauging metal can compromise its structural integrity and reduce its ability to absorb vibration or withstand crashes. Strategically placing body stiffeners or crash inserts within the BIW structure can overcome that challenge while significantly reducing weight and maintaining passenger safety and comfort. These inserts aid in absorbing crash energy and reducing vibration. And in preparation for their use in the BIW structure, these plastics must withstand high temperatures during the e-coating process. That's why Ascend's Vydyne® PA66 is the preferred engineered plastic for body stiffeners and crash inserts.

When used in body stiffeners, Vydyne glass-filled grades help reduce noise, vibration and harshness and improve passenger comfort. For crash inserts, glass-filled and impact-modified Vydyne nylon 6,6 helps absorb energy during a crash and keep passengers safe. Often, body stiffeners and crash inserts are bulky and designed with thick walls to ensure the part is completely filled. Vydyne's best-in-class flow allows you to design parts with thinner walls, thereby reducing material cost, cycle time and part weight. Our simulation experts use state-of-the-art FEA and flow analysis to help you design a part right, the first time.

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