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High-voltage cable guide

High-voltage cables in plugin hybrid and electric vehicles move power to and from the battery and various systems throughout the car. Managing and keeping these cables in place over the life of the vehicle and through a range of driving conditions, including vehicle collisions, is a critical safety challenge. Cable guides and mounts must stand up to wild temperature fluctuations, constant vibration and highforce impact to secure and protect high-voltage cables running throughout the vehicle. Electrical insulation and chemical resistance are also important properties for this critical application.

Meeting all the requirements for PHEV and EV cable guides and mounts takes a special material. Ascend's Vydyne 49H meets the requirements and exhibits a balance of strength and impact ductility to keep high-voltage cables mounted and safely out of the way. Inherent electrical insulation properties and chemical resistance make Vydyne 49H perfect for these applications. Vydyne 49H is also easily colorable to RAL 2003 orange or similar high-visibility colors.