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Polyamide for Connector Manufacturers

New polyamides substantially reduce plate-out and boost design options for connector manufacturers

The highly competitive global market for connectors used in electrical and electronic (E/E) applications is driving a trend toward smaller designs with tighter tolerances that can take higher operating temperatures. Wall thicknesses are dropping dramatically, creating demand for higher-melt-flow resins. At the same time, OEMs are demanding lower costs, requiring molders to find ways to boost productivity.

Ascend Performance Materials, which has been producing and researching improved polyamide 66 (PA66) compounds since the 1960s through predecessor companies, has recently ramped up new technology for the connector market that provides significant improvements addressing these challenges, particularly in reduced plate-out, improved melt flow and enhanced part-to-part consistency. The new resins have been undergoing significant customer testing in the past year, and are now widely available for commercial sale. Results of those tests and the growing challenges in the E/E connector market are reviewed in this white paper.