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Source to pay transactions with GEP SMART

Our new procurement platform

GEP SMART is Ascend Performance Material's new sourcing platform that will streamline and improve procure-to-pay processes for Ascend and its suppliers.

GEP SMART is a free, cloud-native solution powered by our third-party software provider GEP. That will provide transparency, ensuring timeliness of transactions, channel communication and sustainability.

The transition to GEP began in 2022 globally, with a rolling deployment schedule across the different Ascend sites and affiliates. Within this period, we invite our indirect suppliers to join us in this change by creating a supplier account via the GEP SMART Portal or integrating their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with GEP SMART.

Eventually, GEP SMART will replace all other legacy systems currently in use at Ascend Performance Materials.



For any questions related to the above request, reach out to Ascend Procurement

Benefits for our suppliers

  • View and acknowledge POs online
  • Improved accuracy of orders
  • Create and send invoices issue free
  • Shortened invoice approval cycle times
  • Real time invoice status visibility
  • There is no cost for suppliers to transact with us on the GEP platform.

What suppliers need to do next

  • If you are interested in being considered for opportunities as a supplier or subcontractor with Ascend Performance Materials — or are already doing business with us, you must register in GEP SMART.
  • If you have not yet registered on the GEP portal to transact with Ascend, then send an email to Provide them the following information and they will send you a registration email:
    • Company name
    • Email address
    • First and last name
    • Phone Number

How to Use GEP?

Training Videos

Get Setup
Orders Section
Service Confirmation + Invoice

Service Confirmations are applicable for US and Europe only.

Credit Invoice

Submitting Invoices

POs beginning with 45XXXXXXXX or 55XXXXXXXX should be submitted to our legacy system via email at

POs beginning with 41XXXXXXXX should be submitted through the GEP portal

Utilizing the ERS checkbox is recommended for submitting service confirmations (invoices) through the GEP portal. When the ERS function is used, approved service confirmations automatically convert to invoices, eliminating the requirement to go back into the GEP portal to submit invoices against the approved service confirmations.

Please do not submit a copy of invoice via email if submitting on portal as this will cause delays in payment.

If NOT registered on GEP portal, the supplier may submit via PDF in email to

Process Flow