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Chem Coke

Ascend Performance Materials’ Chem Coke is made from high-quality, low-sulfur, low-ash coal. Our highly reactive, low-density coke works well in the production of ferro alloys and as a charge carbon for steel making because of its increased furnace burden porosity. Chem Coke is manufactured at our Decatur, Alabama, facility on the Tennessee River, allowing access to multiple modes of transportation: barge, rail and truck. Customers around the world trust Ascend to deliver the high-performance, consistent, quality products they need when they need them.

Chem Coke is manufactured in a specially designed continuous coking process with slow-moving grates to burn off the volatiles, creating a uniquely porous carbon.

Key characteristics

  • Porous
  • Highly reactive
  • Low density
  • Dry (~1% moisture)
  • Low sulfur (~1%)
  • Non hazardous

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NTA "greener option" compared to EDTA, says Chemical Week

NTA "greener option" compared to EDTA, says Chemical Week