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PA66 Resins

Experience the Vydyne® PA66 difference

Experience the Vydyne<sup>®</sup> PA66 difference

Integrated Manufacturing

Ascend Performance Materials is the largest fully integrated manufacturer of nylon 66 resins. Owning the manufacturing process from start to finish ensures quality and reliable production for our customers.

Quality Products

Ascend ensures the highest level of quality in all our products. The overall consistency in quality and reliable customer service make Ascend easy to work with by delivering the right product at the right time.

Reliable Support

With a strong manufacturing base and global offices, including Shanghai and Brussels, Ascend has global reach to respond to our customers' needs with capacity and reliability. Our technical service team is dedicated to making your experience with Ascend world class.

Featured products

Vydyne® 20NSP is a general-purpose, highly nucleated nylon 6,6 resin with internal and external lubricant.

Vydyne® 21SPC is a general purpose nylon 6,6 resin available in natural color. It is designed principally for injection molding fabrication. This resin offers a well balanced combination of engineering properties characterized by high strength, rigidity, good toughness, high melt point, good surface lubricity, abrasion resistance and resistance to many chemicals, solvents, gasoline and machine and motor oils.

Vydyne® R533T is a translucent 33% glass reinforced heat stabilized Nylon 66 product specifically designed for use in power steering reservoirs and other applications where chemical resistance, whiteness and transmittance are required.

Vydyne® ECO315 is a non-halogenated, noncorrosive injection molding grade nylon with ignition resistant additives. It is lubricated to facilitate machine feed and mold release.

Vydyne® R220 is a 40% mineral reinforced nylon 6,6 resin formulated for improved impact strength. It is an injection molding grade formulated to retain the inherent processing advantages of unreinforced PA66 while enhancing rigidity, strength, and heat resistance. Vydyne® R220 maintains the chemical resistance typical of nylon to a wide variety of chemicals, gasoline, oils, greases, and solvents.

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