Vydyne® ECO315 BK06

Vydyne® ECO315 BK06 is modified with ignition resistant additives to help users meet Underwriters Laboratories flammability rating requirements for molded parts requiring (UL) 94 V-0 classification at thicknesses down to 0.032 inches.

While ignition resistant additives reduce toughness and ductility properties when compared to general-purpose, unreinforced nylon 6,6, ECO315 BK06 has been formulated to minimize such loss of ductility. This product generally yields more ductile parts than other (UL) 94V-0 plastic materials in commercial applications.

Vydyne® ECO315 BK06 has a comparatively low specific gravity for an ignition resistant resin. Meaningful economic comparisons of molding materials must be based on cost per cubic inch, which is reduced by lowered specific gravity.

Mold shrinkage of ECO315 BK06 is essentially equivalent to that of general purpose nylon 6,6 resins, which are commonly used in many electrical/ electronic components and other parts requiring a (UL) 94V-2 flammability rating. Thus, existing tooling for 94V-2 nylon parts can usually be used to produce 94V-0 parts from Vydyne® ECO315 BK06, eliminating the delay and costs involved in re-tooling.

Application End Uses

Typical applications include electrical connectors, terminal blocks, housings, circuit board standoffs, clips, clamps, fasteners, cable ties and many other industrial parts.


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