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Intermediate Chemicals

Ascend Performance Materials is a global leader in proprietary technologies for the production of chemicals and PA66 plastics and fibers.

Ascend advantages

  • Our world-scale plants in the southeastern United States
  • Decades of safe operations, delivery and use
  • Industry-leading reliability
  • Continued investments in unique process technologies
  • Focused commitment to our markets and customers
  • Responsive sales and customer service organizations

Featured products

Ascend delivers acrylonitrile by railcar, tanker truck and ISO container throughout North America and via barge, ship and ISO container throughout the world.

Ascend's adipic acid facility, located in Pensacola, Florida, is the largest in the world. Ascend provides high-purity adipic acid in several grades, including food grade.

Ascend produces adiponitrile in a world-scale facility in Decatur, Alabama. Ascend ships ADN in a variety of package sizes, including rail cars, tank trucks, ISO containers and bulk ships via our established, efficient global distribution network.

Ascend, one of the world's leading producers of hexamethylene diamine for decades, produces HMD in two world-scale facilities in Pensacola, Florida, and Decatur, Alabama.

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