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Ascend ranked fifth on Houston Chronicle 100 list of top private companies

Ascend Performance Materials again was named as a top privately held business in the Chronicle 100, the Houston Chronicle’s annual ranking of companies headquartered in the area based on annual revenue.
The article cited Ascend, "About 60 percent of its business comes from manufacturing the nylon 66 polymer, an engineered thermoplastic that’s in items consumers use frequently and items they hope to never use. The first category includes cable zip ties. The second includes vehicle air bags.”

From the story:

The company is bringing some of its polymer operations closer to European customers with last year’s acquisition of Netherlands-based Britannia Techno Polymer. McDivitt said this facility is primarily used as a compounding site. Nylon 66 is manufactured with additives such as glass to create a plastic pellet that is stronger or can withstand higher temperatures, based on customers’ needs.

Ascend is No. 5 on the Chronicle 100.

Ascend first appeared in the list in 2015 in the No. 5 spot.