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GM Corporate Specifications

Material Specification Polymer Type Vydyne Product
GMP PA66.003 38% Glass, Mineral, H.S. R400G Natural and Black, R860 Natural and Black
GMP PA66.005 General Purpose 21, 21SP, 21SP Black, 21SPF, 21SPF Black, 21X, 21X Black
GMP PA66.007 40% Mineral, H.S. R220, R228, R840, R840 Black
GMP PA66.013 33% Glass Filled, H.S. R533H, R533H Black, R533T
GMP PA66.015 Medium Impact, H.S. 47H, 47H Black
GMP PA66.018 General Purpose, H.S. 22H, 22H Black, 22HSP, 22HSP Black
GMP PA66.020 13% Glass, H.S. R513H, R513H Black
GMP PA66.025 43% Glass, H.S. R543H, R543H Black
GMP PA66.030 Weatherable 25WSP
GMP PA66.039R 40% Glass R8540H, R8540H Black
GMP PA66.040 30% Glass, HS R530H Natural and Black
GMP PA66.042R 38% Glass plus Mineral, H.S. R860, R860 Black
GMP PA66.043R 40% Mineral R840, R840 Black
GMP PA66.046 25% Glass, H.S., H.R. R525H Natural and Black
GMP PA66.054 33% Glass, H.S., H.R. R533H Natural and Black
GMP PA66.058 25% Glass, Ignition resistant 909, 909 Black
GMP PA66.062 High Impact, H.S. 41H, 41H Black
GMP PA66.083 25% Glass, H.S. R525H, R525H Black
GMP PA66/6.002 Copolymer, 33% Glass, HS R633, R633H Natural and Black
GMP PA66/6.004 Copolymer, 33% Glass, HS, UV R633H Natural and Black
GMW3038P PA66GF15H 15% Glass, H.S. R515H Natural and Black
GMW3038P PA66GF25H 25% Glass, H.S. R525H Natural and Black
GMW3038P PA66GF30H 30% Glass, H.S. R530H Natural and Black
GMW3038P PA66GF35H 35% Glass, H.S. R535H Natural and Black
GMW3038P PA66GF40H 40% Glass, H.S. R540H Natural and Black
GMW3038P PA66GF50H 50% Glass, H.S. R550H Natural and Black