Ford Motor Company Approvals

Ford specifications for plastic materials are identified by the prefix ES for older specifications and WS for the new Worldwide formats using ISO methods, followed by "M4D", followed by the number of the spec and a suffix.

Material Specification SAE J1639 Callout Polymer Type Vydyne Approval
ESA M4D 349A PA 1112 Z6 15% Glass R513 Natural and Black
ESA M4D 349A PA 1112 15% Glass R513H Natural and Black
ESB M4D 133 A PA 1816 Z6 33% Glass Nylon R633H, R633H-01
ESB M4D 353 A1   40% Mineral Nylon 66 R200, R208
ESB M4D 353 A4   40% Mineral Nylon 66 R220, R228, R840, R840 Black
ESB M4D 353 A7 PA 1147 40% Glass/Mineral Nylon 66 R400G, R400G Black, R860, R860 Black
ESE M4D 287 A PA 1116 33% Glass Nylon 66 R533H, R533H Black
ESE M4D 287 B PA 1116 33% Glass H.S. Nylon 66 (Black JA6A approved) R533H, R533H Black
ESF M4D 335 A   43% Glass Nylon 66 R543H, R543H Black
ESL M4D 533 A PA 1816 33% Glass 66/6 Co-Polymer (Black Interior JA6A) R633, R633H-05
SAE J1639 (Replaced ESA-M4D349-A) PA 1112 13% Glass Nylon 66 R513, R513 Black, R513H, R513H Black
SAE J1639 (Replaced ESB-M4D178-A2) PA 0171 Impact Modified, H.S. 47H, 47H Black
WSA M4D 768 A PA 1116 Z6 33% Glass, Translucent Nylon 6,6 R533T
WSK M4D 647 A PA 0121Z6 General purpose 21SP, 21SP Black, 21SPF Natural, 21SPF Black
WSK M4D 648 A (Replaced ESF-M4D82-A) PA 0121 H.S. Nylon 66 22H, 22H Black, 22HSP, 22HSP Black
WSK M4D 663 A PA 1116 33% Glass Nylon 66 R533H, R533H Black
WSK M4D 666 A PA 0172 High Impact, HS 41H, 41H Black
WSK M4D 752 A   30% Glass Hydrolysis Resistant R530H Black
WSK M4D 823 A PA 1147 40% Glass/Mineral R400G
WSK-M4D641-A   25% Glass,HS R525H Black
WSK-M4D642-A   30% Glass Fiber, HS R530H Black
WSK-M4D642-A2   30% Glass,HS R530H Black
WSK-M4D673-A   35% Glass Fiber, HS R535H Black
WSK-M4D719-A (Replaced ESF M4D 417 A) PA 1147 40% Glass/Mineral Nylon R400G Natural and Black
WSKM4D719A PA 1147 38% Glass/Mineral R400G, R400G Black
WSK-M4D706-A   Medium Impact, HS 47H, 47H Black
WSS-M4D706-B1   Medium Impact, HS 47H, 47H Black


Ford ASTM Callouts

ASTM D-4000 Vydyne Approvals1
PA110M40A22140 R100, R200
PA111 21
PA114 66B
PA120G33A53480 R533H
PA120M40A22130 R840, R220
PA120R37A32170 R400G, R860
PA121 22H
PA131 20N

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