Acteev Protect™ nonwoven fabric for air filtration
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Acteev Protect™ nonwoven fabric for air filtration

Breakthrough filtration with built in antimicrobial protection

Acteev protect filtration media contain a powerful antimicrobial technology that protects filters from the growth of bacteria and mold fungi that can cause odor, discoloration and deterioration.* The embedded technology provides long-lasting protection to any filter construction. Acteev Protect nonwovens also feature all the benefits of polyamide, or nylon. Nonwovens made with nylon 6,6 are durable and light weight.

Available forms

  • Meltblown nanofiber nonwoven
    Unique polyamide nanofibers with diameters between 400nm and 600nm are 100 times smaller than the size of human hair. In addition to best-in-class antimicrobial protection, the Acteev Protect nonwoven membrane provides better filtration efficiency with lower pressure drop than traditional polypropylene meltblown nonwovens.

  • Meltblown microfiber nonwoven
    The world’s first polyamide microfiber meltblown nonwoven with fiber diameters between 2µ and 8µ, providing the best-in-class microbial protection with Acteev Protect. Also provides excellent filtration coupled with deep dust-holding capacity to remove unwanted microbes and particles.

  • Spunbond nonwoven
    This Acteev spunbond layer provides additional strength to protect the inner filtration layers in the filter construction. Also provides best-in-class antimicrobial protection with fiber diameters in the 23µ range.

How Acteev works: technology and efficacy

Acteev™ technology uses active zinc ions embedded within the polymer structure to deliver protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Ascend has partnered with world-renowned scientists and laboratories to analyze this cutting-edge technology.

See the data and test methods

*Acteev Protect does not protect users or others against disease-causing bacteria. These claims fall under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's treated article exemption. Regulations in other countries may differ.​

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