Acteev Protect™ antimicrobial technology
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Acteev Protect™ antimicrobial technology

Now available: a first-of-its-kind active line of protection for face masks, filtration and apparel

Acteev Protect fabrics and filtration media deliver breakthrough protection for face masks, apparel, upholstery, air filters and more. Microbes can cause products to deteriorate, discolor and smell bad. But Acteev Protect’s patent-pending technology offers a permanent solution that guards against the growth of unwanted bacteria, fungi and microbes.

The technology embeds active zinc ions into the matrix of the polymer. Unlike topical finishes or coatings, the zinc ions don't flake away, providing long lasting functionality.

A step change in performance of finished goods

  • Mildew resistant: Designed to stop mildew growth to help extend the life of the application.
  • Odor resistant: Destroys microbes that cause unpleasant smells.
  • Durable: Made from polyamide-based polymer, a tough yet soft material.
  • Dyable and printable: Easily customized in knits and wovens.
  • Versatile: Available in a variety of forms, from textile fabrics to nanofiber nonwovens.
  • Sustainable: Doesn’t require chemical coatings or water-intensive finishing.
  • Washfast: Textile fabrics remain protected after 50 washes.
  • Free from silver: Won’t yellow or leach into the environment.

How Acteev works: technology and efficacy

Acteev™ technology uses active zinc ions embedded within the polymer structure to deliver protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Ascend has partnered with world-renowned scientists and laboratories to analyze this cutting-edge technology.

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The specialty polyamide polymer matrix... shows superior and potentially class-leading antimicrobial efficacy"
Christopher A. McDevitt, Ph.D., Associate Professor, ARC Future Fellow and Group Leader, University of Melbourne

Available polyamide forms

  • Knit fabrics
  • Woven fabrics 
  • Nanofiber nonwoven fabric  
  • Microfiber nonwoven fabric
  • Spunbond nonwoven fabric


  • Single-use and reusable face masks and filters
  • Apparel and footwear
  • Home goods and upholstery
  • Uniforms
  • Air filtration and industrial products
*Acteev Protect does not protect users or others against disease-causing bacteria. These claims fall under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's treated article exemption. Regulations in other countries may differ.​

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Ascend launches Acteev Protect™ antimicrobial technology

Patent-pending innovation includes textile fabrics and nonwovens to protect face masks, filtration and apparel

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