FlexaTrac™-AGS, a dibasic acid (DBA), is a mixture of adipic, glutaric and succinic acids produced at Ascend's Pensacola, Florida, plant. FlexaTrac-AGS is offered as a water-soluble liquid or as flakes with low metal impurities.

FlexaTrac-AGS provides a good source of dibasic acids for numerous applications, including plasticizers, polyester polyols, polyester resins, tanning operations, textile bleaching and limestone flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems. It is commonly used in FGD units to help reduce the amount of SO2 emissions in coal-fired power plants.

FlexaTrac™-AGS applications

  • Flue gas desulfurization — limestone scrubbing systems
  • Industrial intermediate — solvents, lubricants and plasticizers
  • Monomer — nylon polymers, polyesters and other polymers
  • Cleaners — scale removers and water treatment
  • Corrosion inhibitors

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