Rise above the static with No-Shock® anti-static fiber

Rise above the static with No-Shock® anti-static fiber

No-Shock® anti-static fiber from Ascend Performance Materials is an economical, permanent anti-static solution that is dyeable for pastel colors. You’ll gain unparalleled design freedom to incorporate these fibers into more types of materials and blends, adding a major differentiator from your competition.

No-Shock® anti-static fibers deliver unparalleled functionality

  • Static-free – No more nuisance shocks from the dryer or on the person
  • Cling-free – Drape, comfort and layering are dramatically improved
  • Dust-repellent – Reduced lint, pet hair, dander and other unsightly debris
  • Chemical-free – The anti-static properties are part of the fiber – not a dip or an add-on – and won’t wash away
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 – Classification 1 compliant, required for childrenswear and next-to-skin clothing

No-Shock® anti-static fibers deliver unparalleled functionality

No-Shock® anti-static fibers offer benefits across a range of apparel applications

Activewear, athleisure and shapewear

Our chemical-free materials can help relieve static buildup in activewear, leisurewear and shapewear, enhancing comfort levels during sports and as an undergarment.


Toddlers and babies are active on the ground. With our anti-static features, their clothes won’t pick up lint, hair and dust like regular materials. That they’re completely chemical-free is an added bonus.


For high-end clothing – especially dark suits, pants, dresses and jackets – clean and free-flowing are key. Fabrics with No-Shock® help consumers stay lint- and cling-free, and looking their very best.


Fleece is extremely popular in many markets and extremely prone to high static levels. Our anti-static fibers can make it easier to take on and off, easier to layer and easier to manufacture.


Athletic materials and layered synthetics are often worn against the skin. With static-free No-Shock®, they’ll remain smooth and cling-free no matter what the activity.


Smooth, free-flowing materials deliver a new level of comfort and remain clean and dander-free. A chemical-free solution is ideal in this next-to-skin application.

No-Shock® anti-static fibers also are used in many other applications:

  • Carpets and rugs
  • Military uniforms
  • Firefighter turn-out gear
  • Petrochemical and industrial work wear
  • Conveyor belts
  • Cleanroom or medical apparel
  • Filtration fabrics
  • Fabric bulk containers (FIBCs)

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