Vydyne® 41H

Vydyne® 41 nylon resins are general purpose polyamide, impact modified grades. They are available in natural, black and heat stabilized for improved resistance to elevated temperatures. The heat stabilization package for the Vydyne 41H series was formulated to provide thermal endurance when used in applications in which continuous or extended high temperature exposure is anticipated.

Also available in natural (Vydyne 41H NT) and black (Vydyne 41H BK03).

The Vydyne® 41 series is recognized for all the processing and property advantages inherent to PA66 with the addition of improved impact strength. These resins offer a well balanced combination of engineering properties characterized by high melt point, good surface lubricity, abrasion resistance and resistance to many chemicals including solvents, gasoline and machine and motor oils.

Vydyne® 41H applications

The Vydyne® 41 series is designed to meet the critical low temperature impact requirements called out in many automotive specifications.


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