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Chem Coke

Ascend Performance Materials’ Chem Coke is made from high-quality, low-sulfur, low-ash coal. Our highly reactive, low density coke works well in the production of ferro alloys and as a charge carbon for steel making because of its increased furnace burden porosity.


FlexaTram-HMT-100 and FlexaTram-HMT-200, hexamethylenetetramine, are used to synthesize chemical compounds such as resins, plastics, personal care and rubber additives.


FlexaTram™-NNP n-propylamine is used as a catalyst for hardeners for epoxy resins, as a solvent and as an intermediate in pharmaceuticals, rubber chemicals, textile and leather, gasoline and lubricants and agro-chemiclas.

Vydyne®  R535HT

Vydyne R535HT is a 35% glass-filled, heat-stabilized PA66 resin esigned for high-temperature applications

Vydyne® R530HT

For fuel-efficient turbocharged engines, the Vydyne® PA66 HT-series provides high levels of resistance to property degradation

Vydyne® R530HR

Vydyne® R530HR is specifically formulated to give superior hydrolysis resistance for demanding automotive cooling systems


FlexaTram™-DNP di-n-propylamine is used as a rubber accellerator, in pharmaceuticals,in textile chemicals and in the electronics and agriculture industries.


FlexaTram™-DAM is a unique blend of cycloaliphatic and  primary amines (C6 and heavier). Primary components are diaminocyclohexane (DACH) and hexamethylenediamine (HMD) as well as other multi-functional amines.


FlexaTram™-BHM is a unique blend of bis(hexamethylene)triamine (BHMT) with formulated grades specifically designed for the oil and gas, coatings, paper, mining and asphalt industries.


FlexaTrac™-NTA (sodium nitrilotriacetate monohydrate) is an aminopolycarboxylate with a primary function to control polyvalent metal ions in aqueous solutions by sequestration.


FlexaTrac™-AGS, a dibasic acid (DBA), is a mixture of adipic, glutaric and succinic acids produced at Ascend's Pensacola, Florida, plant. FlexaTrac-AGS is offered as a water-soluble liquid or as flakes with low metal impurities.


FlexaTrac™-DME is an excellent solvent for many applications. Ascend offers several grades and mixtures of FlexaTrac-DME, ranging from highly purified grades to specific mixtures of two or three ester components.


Hexatran™ (TAN-Triaminononane) is a unique trifunctional primary amine molecule and is available in a wide range of grades. The functionality and benefits of Hexatran are slightly different based on the market applications.


Prionil™ is a leading specialty nitrile, commonly known as propionitrile, which serves as a building block to make many key intermediates used in agricultural, industrial, personal care and other applications.


Hextranol™ is a superior and innovative coalescent for a wide range of paint applications.

Vydyne® 64C-R

Vydyne 64C-R is a medium-viscosity PA66 resin suitable for injection-molding, extrusion and compounding applications.

Vydyne® 00XFS

Vydyne 00XFS maintains the chemical resistance typical of PA66/6 to many chemicals, machine and motor oils, solvents and gasoline.

Vydyne® R860

Vydyne R860 is general-purpose, glass-fiber and mineral-reinforced PA66 resin lubricated for improved flow

Ultron® Renew

Recycled Content Carpet Fiber

Airbag Fiber

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