Ultron Products

Ultron Nylon 6,6Ultron®  Our Flagship Product 

Premium branded nylon 6,6 - the ultimate in color and certified performance.Ultron premium branded nylon 6,6 gives you floor performance that’s unsurpassed. You get superior resistance to crushing, matting, wear, soil, stains and static that no type 6 nylon can equal - and no other nylon 6,6 can top. 

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Ultron®Prismatic  Distinctive Color and Style 

Ultron Prismatic products provide the designer with a wide range of design options, using rich saturated color and chromatic textures.
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Ultron® Renew  Recycled Content Carpet Fiber 

Ultron Renew utilizes pre consumer (P.C.) fiber and polymer products created during Ascend Performance Material's manufacturing process, thereby removing them from the waste stream.
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2012 Doc Awards