No Shock Fiber

Ascend's No-Shock® product line includes continuous filament spun, continuous filament drawn, and drawn staple products. All are based upon Ascend's bicomponent fiber expertise - the antistatic material is an inherent part of the fiber, and not a treatment or post-application, so it lasts as long as the fiber or fabric. Supported by in-house fiber development, No-Shock® can meet special needs not addressed below. Please contact us if you don’t find your solution here.

Our products include fibers used in or applicable to carpets and rugs; fabric bulk containers; woven and knitted products; cleanroom and other technical fabrics; filtration fabrics; antistatic medical apparel; and most any other fabric application or weaving/knitting process requiring static dissipation. Both nylon-based and polyester-based products are now available.