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Sodium Nitrilotriacetate Monohydrate, N(CH2CO2Na)3 • H2O (NTA, mwt.275.1), is one of the several commercially available aminopolycarboxylates. Its principal function is the control of polyvalent metal ions in aqueous solutions by sequestration. NTA is also an effective buffering agent. NTA exhibits some deflocculating properties and is stable in both strongly acidic and basic solutions over a wide temperature range. These properties, together with its excellent solubility, are especially useful in liquid applications.

One use of NTA is in Industrial and Institutional (I&I) laundry detergents as a builder. NTA softens the wash water by sequestering metal ions. NTA is also used in a number of surface cleaning applications including hard surfaces, metals, and vehicles. In boilers, NTA prevents and removes scale formation. In the textile industry, NTA fulfills a number of unique functions in the scouring, bleaching and dyeing of materials. The primary agricultural function of NTA is a carrier for micronutrient trace metals, e.g. iron and zinc. These and many other established and potential uses are discussed in the following pages.

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