Health & Safety

Processing Guidelines

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Mineral Filled, R220 Series Click to Download
Impact Modified, 49 Series, 47 Series, 41 Series Click to Download
Ignition Resistant, M344 Series, 909 Series, ECO-315 Series Click to Download
Glass Filled, R543 Series, R633 Series, R530H Series, R533 Series, R533T Series, R525H Series, R513H Series Click to Download
General Purpose, 22HSP Series, 25WSP Series, 21SPF Series, 21SPC Series, 20NSP Series, 21FSR Series Click to Download


MSDS Documents

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85XFS Click to Download
20NSP Black, 21SPF Black, 22H Black, 22HSP Black, 25W, 25WSP, 25WSPF, 24NSPF08, 21SP Black, 21SP01, 21X03, 22H01, 22H03, 25I Black, 21SPG Black Click to Download
R513H BK02, R513H Black, R515H BK02, R515H Black, R518 Black, R520H Black, R525H BK02, R525H Black, R525H Brown, R530H Black, R530H BK02, R533H Black, R533H BK02, R533H Gray, R533H-R, R533HD, R533H05, R535H Black, R535H BK02, R535WH Black, R538H Black, R538H, R540H BK02, R540H Black, R543H BK02, R543H Black, R550H Black, R715 Black, R730 Black, R8533H04, R8533H05, R8540H Black, Q504, Q555 Click to Download
R513, R513 NT, R513H, R513H NT, R515, R515 NT, R515H, R515H NT, R515T, R520, R520H, R525, R525 NT, R525H, R525H NT, R530, R530 NT, R530H, R530H NT, R533, R533 NT, R533H, R533H NT, R533HD, R533HW, R533T, R535, R535 NT, R535H, R535H NT, R540, R540 NT, R540H, R540H NT, R543, R543 NT, R543H, R543H NT, R550, R550H, R715, R730, R8533, R8533H, R8540H, Q447, Q503 Click to Download
10V, 20LSP, 20M, 20NSP, 21, 21FS, 21FSR, 21M, 21MFS, 21R, 21SP, 21SPC, 21SPF, 21SPG, 21SPM, 21X, 21Z, 21ZLV, 22H, 22HSP, 22X, 24NSL, 24NSPF, 50BW, 63A, 64C, 64C-R, 65A, 65B, 66B, 66J, 66R, 66Z, 67B, 67R, 50BWFS, 805, 800, 810, 820, 830, 870, CG Nylon, 2800, 2330M, PIQ420, 50BWFSQ420, 50SE, Q297, Q514, Q554 Click to Download


RoHS Compliance Document(s)

Food Contact Compliance Letters

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66B Click to Download
66B Click to Download

Product Safety Summaries

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