Electrical & Electronic

Vydyne polyamide 66 (PA66) is one of the most cost-effective engineering thermoplastics available to you and your designers. You can use Vydyne with confidence in your electrical and electronic applications, including connectors, relays, switches, plugs, housings, cables, buttons and knobs, input/output ports, insulators, face plates, transformers, terminal blocks, and coil bobbins.

Vydyne resins are highly crystalline and exhibit a high melting point (500°F / 260°C). Because of these attributes, your products will be strong, tough, abrasion-resistant, and resistant to chemicals at elevated temperatures. If made from Vydyne, your components will withstand abuse during the assembly process, including through-hole soldering, and they will survive the difficult environments of your end-users.

Ascend's expert applications development specialists help your engineers and designers develop innovative and cost-effective nylon solutions to satisfy your design criteria.

High Crystallinity Long-term Heat Resistance Electrical Insulating Properties
Flow properties are outstanding and the inherently fast crystallization rates provide Vydyne nylon with the ability to fill complex, thin wall parts as well as reduce injection molding cycle times. The long-term, heat-aging resistance of Vydyne nylon (measured on the Relative Temperature Index) is comparable to the long-term heat resistance of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). This means that Vydyne parts can withstand long-term exposure to elevated temperatures. Excellent dielectric strength and comparative tracking index are combined with an inherent V2 flame rating, which can be reduced to V0. This makes Vydyne nylon the right choice for low-voltage circuit applications.