Performance Qualities

Ultron Nylon 6,6 carpet fiber is the preferred premium branded fiber. With a tighter molecular structure, a higher degree of internal bonding and maximum alignment of molecular chains, Ultron fiber has 20% higher resilience and a 12% harder fiber surface than other nylon fibers. The smooth surfaces of Ultron's patented mixed denier/mixed cross section fiber design are resistant to soiling even after extended traffic and repeated cleaning. The result is superior appearance and pile height retention, super colorfastness and superior soil and stain resistance. Ultron is designed to last a lifetime adding ageless beauty to carpets. Ultron is made to withstand the wear and tear of day-to-day activities including high traffic, soiling, matting and crushing. Ultron fibers stay beautiful, colorful and brilliant while handling it all and ensuring superior appearance retention for the life of your commercial installation.

Our Environmental Promise

At Ascend Performance Materials, a commitment to responsible citizenship and environmentally ethical manufacturing processes is woven into the very fabric of who we are and what we stand for. We are dedicated to being good citizens of the broad community and of the environment with which we have been entrusted. Ascend Performance Materials’ Environmental, Safety & Health Commitments are based on our strong convictions that continuous improvement in these areas is critical to creating value. These commitments are drivers for a better future.

Ultron Certification

Carpet mills must submit all products for certification as a condition for using the Ultron brand.

Click Here To Download Ultron Certification Requirements

Why does this matter? Ultron certification ensures that carpet made with premium branded Ultron nylon 6,6 fiber provides superior floor performance. All Ultron branded products are tested using industry standard test methods. Ultron Certification provides 3rd party assurance that carpet made with Ultron nylon 6,6 meets the following minimum performance requirements:

Test Procedure Minimum requirements
Pile Weight ASTM D418 Substrates must have 4200 minimum density
Pile Height ASTM D418 As specified by manufacturer; 4200 minimum density
Density Pile Wt X 36/Pile Height 4200 Minimum Density
Delamination Instron Pull ASTM D3936 3.0 lbs
Tuft Bind Instron Pull ASTM D1335 Cut Pile: 4 lbs; Loop Pile: 8 lbs
Carpet Tile: 8 lbs
Appearance Retention Hexapod (Heavy Ball); ASTM5252,
ISO Scale 1-5 (5=Best)
Loop pile must grade 3.0 after 12k revolutions.
Cut pile must grade 3.0 after 12k revolutions.
Pile Height Retention Retention after Hexapod Minimum of 85% of original height following construction appropriate Hexapod appearance retention testing.
Static AATCC 134, Step Test Average < 3.5 kV after 2 walks
Soil Protection Flourine analysis >500ppm

AATCC- American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists
ASTM- American Society for Testing and Materials
ISO- International Standards Organization