The Ascend NIF product portfolio has fibers for airbag fabric in the denier range of 420 to 840, including 3 and 6 dpf products, with tenacities from 9.0 to 9.5 gpd. The product portfolio for tire cord fibers has deniers in the range from 840 to 2520, with tenacities up to 10.5 gpd.

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Warping Capabilities:

Ascend NIF operates an exceptional warping facility adjacent to our fiber spinning plant, which is managed by the most experienced professionals in the business. We specialize in 54" beams.

Shipping & Packaging Information:

Ascend NIF products arrive in the following package dimensions:

Product Type Carton Dimensions Packages per Carton
Airbag Fiber 41"x41"x38" 36
Tire Cord Fiber 41"x41"x41" 48