SAE J1639 Automotive Nylons

Grade Description Vydyne Recommendations
PA 0121 General Purpose, H.S. 22H, 22HSP, 22H Black, 22HSP Black
PA 0121-Z6 General Purpose 21X, 21SP, 21X Black, 21SP Black
PA 0122 Extrusion, H.S. 65A, 66J
PA 0122-Z6 Extrusion 65B, 66B
PA 0171 Medium Impact, H.S. 47H, 47H Black
PA 0172 High Impact, H.S. 41H, 41H Black
PA 1112 15% Glass, H.S. R513H, R513H Black
PA 1116 35% Glass, H.S. R533H, R533H Black
PA 1122 15% Glass, Impact Modified, H.S.  
PA 1137 40% Mineral Filled, H.S. [R844, R844 Black]
PA 1143 20% Glass + Mineral, H.S. [R861H Black]
PA 1147 40% Glass + Mineral, H.S. R400G, R400G Black, R860, R860 Black
PA 1157-Z6 40% Mineral, Impact Modified [R250, R250 Black, R220, R228]
PA 1164 25% Glass, Hydrolysis Resistant, H.S. R525H Black
PA 1166 35% Glass, Hydrolysis Resistant, H.S. R535H Black
PA 1816 35% Glass, 66/6 Copolymer, H.S. R633H, R633H Black, R533H Black
PA 1816-Z1 35% Glass, 66/6 Copolymer, H.S. R633H Black


NOTE: Z6 Designates "Not Heat Stabilized"

NOTE: Full Conformance To Specification TBD. CONSULT ASCEND BEFORE USING.

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