Chrysler Automotive Approvals

Chrysler Corporation specifies plastics via a two-number system; an MSDB number and CPNnumber. The following nylon MSDB numbers have been converted to MSDB 41: DB45, DB48, DB416, DB418, DB426, DB427, DB430, DB431, DB432, DB433, DB437, DB441, DB444, DB446, DB447, DB451, DB453, DB455, DB457, DB465, DB466, and DB470.

CPN Vydyne Product Color/Form/Use
1076 22H, 22HSP Natural, Type B, Heat Stabilized
1826 47H Black Black, Impact Modified, HS
1853 R533 Natural, 33% Glass
1899 22H Black, 22HSP Black Black, Type B, H.S. for non-U.V. parts
1900 R533H Black Black, 33% Glass H.S.
1938 21X,21SPF Natural, Type A
1948 21X Black, 21SPF Black, 21SPG Black Black, Type A, For Interior Applications (w/Concentrate 58S for 21X and 21SPF only)
2017 25W Black, Type A, for Weatherable Exterior
2043 R533H Natural, 33% Glass, H.S.
2043 R533T 33% Glass-Reinforced, Heat Stabilized and Translucent
2239 R513H Black Black, 13% Glass, H.S.
2310 R220 Natural, 40% Mineral Filled, H.S.
2438 41H Natural, Impact Modified, H.S.
2438 55HSP Natural, High Flow, Impact Modified, Heat Stabilized
2443 R228 Black, R840 Black Black, 40% Mineral Filled, H.S.
2508 R543H Black 43% Glass Fiber, Heat Stabilized
2554 R400G Black, 40% Glass Fiber and Mineral, HS
2565 41H Black Black, Impact Modified, H.S.
2565 55HSP Black, High Flow, Impact Modified, Heat Stabilized
2727 R533H Black Black, 33% Glass, H.S., Hydrolysis Resistant
3189 CANOD R220 Charcoal Gray, 40% Mineral Filled
3275 R633H-01 CANOD, Copolymer, 33% Glass, Color painted outside door handles
3454 R840 40% Mineral Filled
3490 non match color 22HSP Non-Color match, General purpose, HS
4005 R633H-05 Black, 33% Glass Reinforced, Nylon 66/6 Copolymer
4014 colormatch R533H Black 100% Color match, 35% Glass, HS
4018 R530H Black Black, 30% Glass,H.S., Hydrolysis Resistant
4098 R525H Black Black, 25% Glass Fiber, HS
4814 22HSP Black DX9 w/Clariant AB94631576

Ascend exhibiting Vydyne® PA66 E&E, industrial applications at Chinaplas 2017

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