ESSH Policy

Environmental, Safety, Security and Health Vision

Ascend holds Environmental, Safety, Security and Health (ESSH) as core values and is committed to achieving ESSH excellence.

Mission Statement

To be a safe, healthy, secure and environmentally-conscious work place by proactively;

  • Maintaining a culture of leadership commitment and individual ownership and responsibility;
  • Implementing processes which focus on prevention  of injuries, illnesses and environmental impacts, and
  • Integrating environmental, safety, health and security considerations into all business activities and processes.

Core Policy Elements

  • Entitlement – Every person working at Ascend is entitled to a safe, healthy, and secure workplace.
  • Accountability – Each person is expected to adhere to established policies and procedures and to help identify and eliminate unsafe conditions and at-risk behaviors
  • Commitment – Ascend is committed to:
    • Continual Improvement of our environmental, safety, health and security performance to achieve an incident free work place.
    • Compliance with applicable environmental, safety, security and health requirements and voluntary standards to which Ascend subscribes, such as Responsible Care® Guiding Principles.
  • Activity – Ascend will:
    • Demonstrate visible leadership in the environmental, safety, health and security management system.
    • Maintain systems to establish and achieve environmental, safety, health and security objectives and targets and integrate into applicable business and personnel goals.

Dale Borths, Vice President, ESSH, Ascend Performance Materials